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In this hookup culture, people have learned how to enjoy life and maximize the joy in dating and relationships. Well, the hookup culture includes many dating styles, e.g. casual hookups, one-off f**k, friends with benefits, casual relationships, NSA relationships, and so forth.

The Free Hookup App is the ultimate romantic social network

You need to have fun because life is short and you are only young once, right? This platform is for people who are ready for pleasure and satisfaction in their love lives. So, if you think you are ready for some good time in life, you would be well-advised to join this free hookup app tonight.

A member’s true story (she met this hot guy on the free hookup app):

Free Hookup Dating

‘Please get naked with the background music on. I’ll paint a picture, and you’ll be my model.’ Ken’s voice is filled with passion for unconventional art.

Ken places a large piece of purple cloth on the floor & takes out a big vat full of white rice. Then he pours the white rice on the purple cloth and now this is like an ocean of white rice (or a movable mountain of white rice). 

I undressed myself and sit on the white rice. Ken tells me to turn my back to him so that he can paint my back and my legs. Suddenly, the way he looks at me has ignited my wild imagination.

The white rice is gently embracing my highly sensitive skin. Here I am. I can totally feel every grain which is literally electrifying the sensations in my skin and in my body. Without analyzing what these sensations really are, I simply feel into it and let it unfold. 

Free Hookup Dating
Free Hookup Dating

The background music is Norah Jones’s Come Away with Me. Norah Jones’s voice is slowly, gradually weaving my skin and the white rice grains together. I’m a part of the flow.
Meanwhile, Ken is slowly, mindfully painting the picture behind me.
About 40 minutes later, Ken says, ‘Turn around now.’ 

This picture is so wonderfully crafted. I never know I can look like a deity.

‘You can see the flow in this picture,’ Ken explains what he has done in detail. ‘It’s tender, soft and sensual, yet extremely powerful.’

We made love on the ocean of rice…. 

Free Hookup Dating

The benefits of hooking up with people online:

In the first place, 

the Internet gives you access to people that you would never meet in real life. It’s the fast track to a beautiful love life and an exciting dating journey. If you rely on your social circle, your options are quite limited. However, when you leverage the Internet for your advantage, you are able to have fantastic encounters that you wouldn’t even imagine.

In the second place, 

on the free hookup app, you can easily meet like-minded people who are also looking for the same thing! In contrast, if you only look for opportunities in real life, chances are you can’t really meet so many people who are ready for casual flings. That is exactly why joining the hookup app is very helpful – the dating platform has already filtered candidates for you – everyone on this platform is looking for casual flings! They are already ready for one-night stand, NSA relationships, and so on. You don’t need to convince anyone anymore. How cool is that?!


you will learn a lot from this subculture which is gradually becoming very mainstream because the hookup culture is real in modern-day society. Being a member on the free hookup app means you are a part of the modern dating scene. You don’t have to feel lonely or isolated; you are an active online dater from now on. 😊


because our company’s vision is to promote the hookup culture globally, we are very keen to give you the best online dating service on the market and find as many suitable candidates for you as possible. In this way, you will always have options in your love life – you will feel very confident as a result and you won’t be emotionally needy at all as you have so many wonderful options in your dating life.

What’s more, 

dating doesn’t have to be hard. As a matter of fact, dating is only hard when you ask for too much & the hookup culture has made dating easy for you! 😉

Frequently Asked Questions:

Answer: Make sure you are safe – you should always prepare some condoms, okay? Our advice is to keep some condoms in your pocket, in your bedroom, in your living room and in your kitchen so that you can make love with a partner at any time.

Answer: Yes, you can. In fact, many of our members are above 40 years old. Mature daters are great daters. Age is just a number!

Answer: As long as you are above 18 years old, you can join the 100% free hookup app because this dating platform is for adults only. That being said, if you are a university student, you should be able to hook up with other students on campus, right? Studying at university is the best time to hook up with various classmates and friends on campus. For a lot of people, that is their only time to hook up with people offline. After graduation, they will have to join a free hookup app if they want to continue their hookup journey.

Free Hookup Dating
Free Hookup Dating
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