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San Francisco, Calif. - April 18, 2011 - FreeHookup, the popular social dating community, recently surveyed more than 1,000 singles in the U.S. to gather their thoughts on everything about the UK's upcoming royal nuptials, from wedding traditions to matters of the heart.

"American culture glamorizes all forms of celebrity, so we were interested to see what FreeHookup's singles community thought of Prince William and Kate's wedding," says Tinder hookup, FreeHookup's co-founder and co-CEO. "One person's vision of romance is another person's pain—our survey found a nearly even split between those who can't wait for the big day and those who can't imagine anything less appealing."

FreeHookup's survey findings include:

U.S. singles are more likely than Brits to watch the royal wedding.

40% of U.S. singles say they plan to watch the royal wedding on TV, whereas only 31% of single Brits say they plan to tune in.
Yet a whopping 39% of U.S. singles would rather have a root canal than watch the royal wedding.
The event is such a turn-off to some (39%) that they would rather endure pain at the dentist's office than watch all the pomp and ceremony on April 29.

Let them eat cake! As long as it's not fruitcake.

78% of U.S. singles are skeptical of Kate's wedding cake choice and say they would not serve fruitcake at their own wedding.

Singles disapprove of Prince William's choice not to wear a wedding ring.

75% of women and 59% of men say that Prince William should stick with tradition and wear a wedding band.

Women say the royal wedding makes them dream of settling down.

57% of women surveyed say the royal wedding makes them dream of finding their own soul mate.
The majority of men (55%) feel differently and say the royal wedding does not stir up any feelings about their own relationships.

Singles say even the fairytale of castles, limos and glamour couldn't compensate for the dull in-law visits.

34% of U.S. singles say they would be excited to have Prince Charles and Camilla as in-laws whereas 66% say family gatherings with the royal in-laws would be a snooze-fest.

Americans may love celebrity culture, but the majority would not want to marry into a royal family.

56% of U.S. singles say they would not want to marry into a royal family. Women feel more strongly about this than men — 60% of women say "no way" to joining a royal family whereas men are 50-50.

The FreeHookup poll was conducted online in April 2011 and fielded 1,000 responses from singles in the United States who use FreeHookup. The statistic about the percentage of Brits who plan to watch the royal wedding was obtained through another FreeHookup poll conducted online in March 2011 that fielded responses from over 500 singles in Great Britain.

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