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American singles are the most prudish with their expectations about politicians' love lives; Germans are the most likely to forgive a cheating partner

San Francisco, Calif. - May 25, 2011 - FreeHookup, the popular social dating community, recently surveyed more than 12,500 singles in eight countries to uncover how perspectives on monogamy and cheating differ from country to country. On certain questions, global perspectives are remarkably similar while on other topics, such as singles' thoughts about politicians who cheat, perspectives vary widely.

"The FreeHookup survey found a level of agreement across cultures about the desire to be in a monogamous relationship or the difficulty of forgiving a partner for cheating," says Tinder hookup, co-founder and co-CEO of FreeHookup. "It is particularly fascinating to see which issues singles around the world do not see eye to eye on, such as whether it matters if a politician has been faithful to his or her partner or how optimistic singles are that a cheater can be reformed."

FreeHookup's global survey findings include:

Singles in the U.S. are the least forgiving of politicians who cheat on their partners.

53% of U.S. singles say it would influence their vote to learn that a politician had cheated on his or her partner. Women (57%) care more than men (50%).
Singles in other countries, however, aren't so concerned about the private lives of their leaders. In every other country surveyed, the majority of singles say it would not influence their vote to learn a political candidate was a philanderer.
The French are the least interested in their politicians' private lives; 80% of singles in France don't care if a politician strays compared to 78% of singles in Denmark, 71% of singles in Sweden, 70% of singles in Italy, 68% of singles in Germany, and 56% of singles in the UK and Australia.


Americans may love celebrity culture but would decline the opportunity to hook up with a celebrity crush.

While many monogamous couples joke about having a "free pass" to hook up with a celebrity crush, in reality, 80% of U.S. singles say if given the opportunity, they would not cheat on a partner to have a one-night stand with a celebrity.
Italian singles (34%) are the most likely to say they would cheat on their partner to hook up with a celebrity.
Most singles around the world, however, share the American viewpoint: 83% of singles in Denmark, 80% of singles in the UK and Sweden, 79% of singles in Australia and 77% of singles in France and Germany say they would not cheat on a partner to hook up with a celebrity.

It's not just Americans who think that Tiger Woods is the worst offender when it comes to cheaters.

When presented with a list of notorious cheaters, singles in the U.S., UK, Australia, Sweden, Germany and Denmark agree that Tiger Woods is the "worst offender."
In France and Italy, singles give the "worst offender" spot to Silvio Berlusconi with Tiger Woods coming in a close second.

Italians are the most likely to prefer an "open" relationship to a monogamous one.

20% of Italian singles say they prefer an open relationship to a monogamous one.15% of German singles, 11% of French singles, 9% of Australian singles, 8% of Danish singles, 7% of U.S. singles and 6% of Swedish and British singles prefer an open relationship to monogamy.

Forgiveness for infidelity does not come easy, no matter where you live.

Singles around the globe agree it is not easy to forgive a partner for cheating. On average, 28% of singles in the seven countries surveyed say they could forgive, while 72% say "no way."
Germans are the most forgiving with 35% of singles saying they could forgive.
Danish singles are the least forgiving with only 23% of singles saying they could forgive.
Among U.S. singles, 31% say they could forgive and 69% say "no way."

While forgiveness is difficult, many singles are optimistic that a one-time cheater can be "reformed."

The majority of singles in the U.S. (55%), Sweden (55%), France (57%), Denmark (56%) and Germany (53%) say they believe a cheater can change and is capable of having a monogamous relationship after an affair.
The majority of singles in Italy (57%), the UK (51%) and Australia (51%), however, say "once a cheater, always a cheater."

The FreeHookup poll was conducted online in May 2011 and fielded 12,737 responses from singles around the world who use FreeHookup. Respondents included 5,354 singles who live in the United States; 1,622 who reside in the UK; 1,296 from Italy; 1,027 from Germany; 1,144 from France; 1,000 from Denmark; 759 from Australia and 544 from Sweden.

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