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FreeHookup Basics

  • What is FreeHookup?
  • How does FreeHookup work?
  • Where can I choose which emails I receive from FreeHookup?
  • Where can I change my email address?
  • How do I enter or edit my location in FreeHookup?
  • What do I do if I forgot my password?
  • I don't want my age to show in my profile.
  • How do I upload photos to my profile?
  • What photos are allowed by FreeHookup?
  • Why can't I remove my photo?
  • I have not uploaded a photo but someone has commented on my profile picture. What picture are they seeing?
  • What are the gifts?
  • What do I do if someone sent me an offensive flirt?
  • What do I do if see an underage member?
  • Oops, I accidently ignored someone and I didn't want to!
  • Will the other person know if I have ignored them?
  • Can I change the language of FreeHookup?
  • What do I do if I am having trouble validating my email?
  • Can I stop my friends from seeing in the news feeds of my social network that I flirted on FreeHookup?
  • Why do I see a gray icon instead of my picture in my profile?
  • What is FreeHookup Desktop?

Premium Membership

  • How do I become a premium member?
  • Why should I become a premium member?
  • Can I cancel my membership anytime I want?
  • If I cancel now, will I be charged again?
  • I don't have a credit card. Can I still pay to become a premium member?
  • Is FreeHookup's credit card payment system safe and secure?
  • How much does FreeHookup cost?
  • Will my subscription automatically renew?
  • If I buy a multi-month subscription package and cancel before the end of the subscription will I be refunded for the time that is left?
  • If I cancel my subscription, are my premium advantages immediately canceled?
  • Are subscription fees refundable?

FreeHookup Mobile

  • How can I use FreeHookup with my mobile phone?
  • Can I upload a photo from my cell phone?
  • Why am I receiving text messages from FreeHookup?

Removal/Cancellation of FreeHookup

  • I am a premium member. How do I cancel my premium subscription?
  • I emailed you to cancel my subscription payments. Why am I still a subscriber?
  • How do I remove my profile from FreeHookup?
  • How do I remove the FreeHookup application from my social network?
  • How can I remove FreeHookup from Facebook if it is not listed in my applications?
  • If I remove the FreeHookup application will that cancel my subscription also?
  • My FreeHookup application on my social network and my account are linked together. Can I remove the app but login directly via
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